COP26 promises could limit global warming to 1.8 degrees

You are currently viewing COP26 promises could limit global warming to 1.8 degrees

today at COP more than 40 countries pledged to shift away from coal, a pledge which would keep global warming at at rise of 1.8 degrees according to The influential International Energy Agency.

However, this target is still above the targets set out by The Paris agreement – 1 to 1.5 degrees – which this COP was meant to see a drive towards. despite this, COP still has weeks left to go, and so additional pledges may, and hopefully will, be made to limit global warming further.

In addition, huge coal users such as China, The US, and India – which also happen to be the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd largest greenhouse gas emitters in the world – have not made any pledges to move away from coal still despite, as being the largest emitters, not only having the most responsibility to reduce emissions, but having the most substantial potential impact on global emissions by signing than any other country’s. Again, as COP continues, there is potential for some of these coal power-houses to join in on the agreement, and the US already, along with the UK and Canada, is one of the signatories to a joint statement on ending international public financing for fossil fuels.

Regardless of whether the top 3 emitters join the pledge, the current estimated impact of limiting global warming to 1.8 degrees wholly depends on promises being kept by these countries – which experts say is far from certain.

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